Colleen McCain: Bereaved Mother, Friend and SLC Board Member.

We are deeply saddened to share the news that Colleen McCain has passed away. Colleen has been a member of our Still Life Canada family since the passing of her son Kalum in 2013. She was a bereaved mother, Still Life Canada Board member and friend. It has been a difficult time, adjusting to the reality that Colleen is gone. I have been at a loss for words to share her passing. Colleen passed away on November 24, 2016 after a brief, acute illness. She has been such an integral member of Still Life Canada these past few years, but more so, a trusted friend who will be deeply missed. Colleen was such a driven individual, with so much love in her heart, full of compassion and integrity. She has been such a support to so many as we navigate through the waves of grief and love and has been a driving force in our community, with moving beyond grief and learning and exploring ways to parent our children after they are gone. Personally, I have so much gratitude for Colleen. She taught me and guided me with my relationships with my boys through her practice of re-membering. Because of Colleen, I have accessed memories that were deep and hidden, but she brought them out. I loved the way she was able to challenge mine and others’ thoughts and bring a unique perspective to our conversations. She was always so articulate and thoughtful in everything she said and did.

To Still Life Canada, Colleen brought her love and desire for her son Kalum, and worked hard to bring stillbirth out of the shadows. Colleen was a key member of the organizing committee of the 2015 international conference Still Life Canada organized and hosted for the International Stillbirth Alliance. She had a way with words and was our editor, and I want to send this to her, to have her assistance in making these words flow properly. Colleen was always there as a support. I remember going to a CBC radio interview before the 2015 conference. She called me to set up the time, and tirelessly went through possible different questions I may be asked, and helped me put my words together cohesively. I may have been the one on the radio that day, but she was right beside me, supporting and encouraging me. It was not just that day, but all the time. Colleen was an excellent sounding board and full of wisdom. I was with Colleen the evening before she became ill, and we talked and laughed and spoke of her recent travels and of our plans for Still Life Canada as we were heading into 2017. It has been difficult to think of jumping into 2017 and moving ahead, knowing she is not here to help guide us. Colleen’s influence has been far reaching and we will continue to feel her presence with us, and ask the questions she always asked to help guide us. Still Life Canada is a better organization for having had Colleen McCain as a member and Board member. We will carry you and Kalum in our hearts, our dear friend.

Colleen’s love reached far but her greatest love was for her partner, Mike and her son, Kalum. Our hearts go out to Mike, and Colleen’s parents Michael and Gail and her sister, Heather. You will forever be part of our Still Life Canada family.

Jaime Ascher
Still Life Canada

If anyone wishes to send condolences to the family, please send to:

McCain Family
c/o Still Life Canada
529-3381 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4R3

Please see the attached for the announcement of Colleen’s passing: Colleen’s Obituary